PITTAS-DRAGNIS is a highly specialized Greek company operating for more than 30 years in the field of Lightning - Surge Protection and Grounding Systems.

Every customer is important. For every project, regardless its size, offers a quality, personalized solution. From the design and manufacturing parts to proper installation and maintenance.

The aim of PITTAS-DRAGNIS is the excellent cooperation and the establishment of a trust relationship with their customers. The instructed staff of the company is always ready to offer support and valid information. The high quality - competitive products that offered comply with the International, European and National standards.

The range of products continues to expand and includes, among others: Early Streamer Emission arrestors TESLA-S, materials and accessories of lightning - grounding system FARADAY CAGE, Surge Protection OBO-BETTERMANN, ground enhancement materials (Earthplus - Conducrete), exothermic welding KUMWELL, professional measuring and test instruments (TESTBOY - SEAWARD), the innovative ClearShield RITEC system of “non-stick” surface technology (glass - stainless steel), as well as, wash systems BAUDOIN.