Our specialized crew before the lightning protection system’s completion conducts various measurements such us soil resistivity, ground resistance testing, continuity etc. with calibrated instruments and of course complete examination of the building and the surrounding area. The crew is equipped with the most advanced measurement instruments. Depending on the outcome measurements, the experienced crew decides what improvements should be carried out, thus avoiding errors and therefore cost saving.

The gathered information are correlated, their significance is evaluated and is linked with relevant parameters of the International and European standards. The analysis of the information is handled with advanced computer models and the results provide optimum solutions.


Electrical measurements implemented in new and existing installations:

• Measurement of earth resistance

• Measurement of soil resistivity

• Measurement of short-circuit current

• Measurement of insulation resistance

• Measurement of voltage - continuity - frequency

• Measurement of I-V curve (PV installations)

• Measurement of operating current - open circuit voltage (PV installations)

• Measurement of solar panel performance (PV installations)