PV Protection

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Storms, snow, rain, cold, sun and heat. Through its lifespan, a Renewable Energy System is exposed to huge loads. PITTAS-DRAGNIS systems provide the best possible protection and reliable operation for decades.




Lightning Protection


Surge protection

Equipotential bonding

Exothermic welding

Measuring and test instruments

”Non-stick” PV module glass surface protection

Washing system



Reference International - European Standards

ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 62305

ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 62561

ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 61643

ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 62446


IEEE Std 80-2000

IEEE Std 81-1983

IEEE Std 81.2-1991

IEEE Std 837-2002

All the following steps are of great importance for a solar system and contribute to a process of proper design, technically precise and safe construction, mainly for the protection of people and for reasons of reliable and uninterrupted operation providing the best possible protection of the equipment inside the installation.


1. Soil resistivity measurements and analysis.

2. Calculation of maximum allowable touch and step voltage limits for the complete solar power generation plant as well as for its substation.

3. Calculation of earth fault current – ground potential rise.

4. Grounding System design and simulation with the help of appropriate software to test the safety that is provided when fault current is applied. 

Most common arrangements: Foundational - perimeter grounding strip - Ground rods - Using the supporting poles of the PV modules base (ground screw in soil and concrete)

Selection of materials, dimensions / cross section to be used.

5. Design of lightning protection system. Protection Level calculation I - II - III - IV.

Most common arrangements: radius protection method with early streamer emission arrestors TESLA-S, rolling sphere or angle protection method with lightning arrestors separated using insulating material or angular lightning arrestors adjusted on the base of the PV modules

Selection of materials, dimensions / cross section to be used.

6. Protection system design against overvoltage of the Electromechanical networks (Inverters - power networks - Telecommunications - Data - Security Alarm / Cameras). Selection of surge protection devices OBO - BETTERMANN on AC and DC side. Protection Class T1 - T2 - T3.

7. Measurements


Continuity and equipotential bonding measurement

Insulation resistance measurement

RCD measurement

Earth resistance measurement

Loop fault - impedance measurement


Continuity and equipotential bonding measurement

Insulation resistance measurement

Open circuit voltage measurement

Short circuit current measurement

Operating current measurement

Irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurements

True RMS voltage / current performance measurement

Diode check, capacitance, harmonic, distortion and power factor measurements

8. Clearshield application - glass surfaces

The performance of solar energy systems – whether photovoltaic (PV) or thermal panels for heating - all depends on the quality and cleanliness of the glass surfaces used to collect the solar power. Maintaining these surfaces requires a durable and effective surface treatment to reduce long-term staining and build-up ofcontamination.


Optimizes solar energy transmission, maintains initial peak watt performance, increases cumulative watt hours

More cost-effective energy production, reduces maintenance costs

Resists staining and discoloration

Lowers costs, raises revenue

Faster payback time

9. Easy to clean - glass surfaces

Baudoin "Aqua Force Smart 200" SMA 200 unit produce clean filtered water, free from alkaline, bacteria and minerals that are contained in the water supply.

This clean, pure form water results a strong cleaning liquid, making soap and other heavy cleaning materials unnecessary to use. The outcome is a shiny and without spots surface.

The maintenance of the SMA 200 is easy and economical. The unit has special ergonomically poles made of carbon fiber. Compared to other poles Carbo Clean Pole’s major advantages are the low weight, shape and stiffness of the material.

The connection system is simple and quick.