Laboratory tests


European Standards series ELOT EN 62561 - ELOT EN 61643 and the reference standards, describe the requirements for the materials used in lightning protection - earthing systems. Mainly describe the laboratory tests to be carried out, so that depending on the results, it can be verified the ability to cope to the toughest conditions in which they will operate (electrical tests, mechanical tests, atmospheric conditioning/ageing).

ELOT EN 62561.01 - Part 1: Requirements for connection components

ELOT EN 62561.02 - Part 2: Requirements for conductors and earth electrodes

ELOT EN 62561.03 - Part 3: Requirements for isolating spark gaps

ELOT EN 62561.04 - Part 4: Requirements for conductor fasteners

ELOT EN 62561.05 - Part 5: Requirements for earth electrode inspection housings and earth electrode seals

ELOT EN 62561.06 - Part 6: Requirements for lightning strikes counters

ELOT EN 62561.07 - Part 7: Requirements for earthing enhancing compounds

ELOT EN 61643.11 - Part 11: Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems - Requirements and tests

ELOT EN 61643.21 - Part 21: Surge protective devices connected to telecommunications and signaling networks - Performance requirements and testing methods



PITTAS - DRAGNIS offers laboratory test services for Lightning Protection - Earthing components & materials (Environmental - Mechanical - Electrical), issuing test protocols, which are available to customers upon request. We have the ability to perform direct and valid tests, avoiding time-consuming procedures.

Laboratory tests are necessary to prove compliance of the Lightning Protection - Earthing materials with current standards.
Laboratory tests concerning Surge Protection Devices are carried out by German OBO-BETTERMANN in their advanced laboratory BET Test Centre Laboratory.



PITTAS - DRAGNIS is equipped with the latest instruments and modern facilities to ensure reliable procedures and test results in order to fully respond to the specifications that Standards require.


• Impulse current generator Imax=100kA and waveform 10/350μs

• Universal testing machine  (Tensile, Compression, Bending and Shearing)

• Impact test (pendulum swing)

• Environmental Testing Chambers:

- Corrosion Testing with Salt Spray Cyclic

- Constant temperature and humidity

- Sulfur dioxide SO2 gas dosing device connected with the chamber

• Closed vessel for ammonia atmosphere treatment CaCl2 Na2SO4.

• Instruments for:

-pH measurement

-Electrical Resistance measurement

-Coating thickness measurement

-Adhesion testing

-Compression tests

• Other supporting instrument/tools used for the completion of the tests.


Beside the above, our materials and components are tested in other laboratories such as:



• National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)