Radioactive lightning rod removal




Since 1975 and under license from the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, installing radioactive lightning conductors was allowed. The lightning rod’s head had radioactive isotopes Am-241 or Ra-226. The intensive ionization of air around the rod’s head caused by the charged particles, created an attractive pole for lightning. Depending on the amount of radioactivity in the head – in μCi – the protection radius was determined from R = 50 to 400 meters.

With No. 260/030.8 / 27.03.1986 Circular the Greek Atomic Energy Commission banned the installation of radioactive lightning conductors and with their permission we started removing large numbers of radioactive lightning conductors throughout the entire country and we continue to do so until today.

PITTAS - DRAGNIS holds a radioisotope laboratory license from the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (Department of Licensing and Inspections) for removal, collection and sealing radioactive lightning conductors.

Actions performed:

We remove, receive and seal in special containers made of lead sleeve with steel casing the radioactive heads.

After uninstalling the radioactive lightning conductor we provide to the owner a relevant removal certification.

We take care of the necessary paperwork for issuing the relevant certificate from Greek Atomic Energy Commission. The ownership of the radioactive head is transferred to us and exempts completely the previous owner from any responsibility.

For the handling of radioactive material we use special safety equipment like Geiger, special suits, masks, gloves , etc.

For radiotoxicity levels around the lightning conductor’s area, we collect samples (smear tests) which are delivered for testing at N.C.S.R. ''Demokritos''. A certificate for the existence of radiotoxicity is then issued.